Tuesday, July 11, 2006

City of wealth

If you are looking for a place to spend all your money! I recommend Dubai! This city that has no real attractions except for the fancy malls and incredibly expensive hotels! While driving in this city you can see the wealth of this city! A state of the art modern buildings! New towers are arising everyday. Several artificial islands have been made to built new fancy projects!

It's so different than any other place! The weather is awful but it's the summer and the high season in this place is the winter! Everything is expensive but you can find EVERYTHING you want!

The main attraction for me was the dunes of the desert! Just like in Sinbad or Ali-Baba….dunes of golden sands! I LOVED IT!

One thing that I really hated was the fact that although this city is an Arabic city, the Arabic language came 4th in important after English (not the English that we know but the Punjabi-English), Punjabi and Urdu come before the Arabic! I spoke no Arabic except with my friends! It's shame, I think!

Anyways, it was interesting to see what this city is about! I wanted to have a dinner at Burj Al-Arab but they have a dress code and I had no formal cloth with me! So I ended up saving paying 150 USD for dinner! Haha…no regrets!

I'm now at Dubai international airport, which is a piece of the art itself as well! In few hours I will be home! Allah yestor!!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

New York!

This city is something different! I have seen a lot, but nothing is like New York! I love it but won't like living in it! It's so fast moving city! Everything and everybody is on the constant move, 24 hours!

This week has been one of the shortest weeks of my adult life! It was just yesterday when I was at LaGuardia Airport arriving to NY, now I'm at JFK airport waiting for my flight!

In the past week, I went to the top of 2 skyscrapers, visited 2 museums, and walked for a whole day, literally speaking, from 9 to 9! I left no spot in Manhattan that I didn't visit. I feel like I know the streets of Manhattan as if I lived there for some time!

People are different, quite nice I would say, as nice as the Canadians.

I love this city! It has everything! All sorts of people. I was at the Rock center, in the beginning of the hour, I talked to a girl who turned out to be from Israel, at the end of the hour I spoke to a guy who turned to be from Palestine, she was cutter by the way ;)!

Still, living in it means dying young! Being in rush 24/7, struggling to survive the fast pace of life there is not something easy!

I have a lot to say about this week! No time for now, later or maybe never!

My next stop is Dubai, quite a shift ha?