Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh Canada!

Although I have been in Canada for 7 months, but the truth is, I just got to Canada few days ago!

The moment I arrived to Montreal, I knew what Canada is about; such a great country indeed. Of course, you have to know where to go if you wanna feel what I'm saying! hint: Don't go to PEI!

This city has changed the negative impression I'd had about Canada and the Canadians during my stay in PEI. People are so different; they can socialize, dress very well, and smell really good. I'd had thought that Canadian women were allergic to perfumes. I was wrong, they do wear perfumes. Men can actually dress neatly and look good with suits. The cultural difference is very significant between the Canadians themselves, the ones on the east cost and the ones in Montreal.

For a week in Montreal, I don't recall seeing obese women, the scene that I saw hundreds of times a day back in Charlottetown. While being drunk is mostly the only skill that Islanders have in PEI, Canadians in this city have lots of other skills and beer is not one of them. The have unrevealed the secret of social drinking!

I was in Montreal during the weekend of the Grand prix and Fashion festival. The city was packed and alive. Montreal has climbed the list and is now the second most beautiful city after Paris.

I had the chance to meet with many people, mostly Syrians and French Canadians. The Quebecois are really super nice. Syrians, however, are Syrian and they are the best - as I'm one of them- ;)

I met with Omar. We went to a pub one night, ate sushi one other day and had a long walk in the old port of Montreal and we get wet under a heavy summer rain.

I went out with a lovely French Canadian girl, Gabrielle, whom I met in the metro. Too bad I'm not in Montreal anymore.

Last but not least for Montreal, I went clubbing, got stoned, and ended up in a strip club and refused to get laid for 25$ with a drunk girl. It was a fun trip.

Now I'm in Toronto. This city is huge; it's the business city of Canada with lots of skyscrapers in the downtown area. You can find all sorts of ethnic restaurants in this city of a fast life style. Almost everybody wears a suit during the day. Lovely.

Tomorrow I'm going to Niagara Falls, and later at night, I will be meeting with Omar, another Syrian blogger.

I do love Canada, the real Canada that is famous for its diversity and nice people.

I have taken lots of photos of which I will be selecting some and upload them to my Flickr album. Stay tuned!

My next stop is New York! Holly shit!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Done....for now!

I just finished packing up my stuff! I'm outta here for this summer! If you hate packing, try to do it when u don't have one permanent place! All my stuff have been distributed here and there!

Yet, I'm so excited! My flight is in a couple of hours!….. I cannot describe how stressed this place has made me! The only thing that is holding me from having the ultimate happiness is the fact that I'm only going away for the summer! Alas….

I have to admit though that the weather in the evenings is so lovely. This is what I love in Charlottetown not to forget the amazing nature!

When I come back in September, I will be as new as I was when I came 7 months ago! Most of the friends that I have made in here were not from this place and they won't be back in September.

My next post is going to be from Montreal, a real Canadian city this time! Not just a town of a 100 people!

Montreal….here I come!