Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Done....for now!

I just finished packing up my stuff! I'm outta here for this summer! If you hate packing, try to do it when u don't have one permanent place! All my stuff have been distributed here and there!

Yet, I'm so excited! My flight is in a couple of hours!….. I cannot describe how stressed this place has made me! The only thing that is holding me from having the ultimate happiness is the fact that I'm only going away for the summer! Alas….

I have to admit though that the weather in the evenings is so lovely. This is what I love in Charlottetown not to forget the amazing nature!

When I come back in September, I will be as new as I was when I came 7 months ago! Most of the friends that I have made in here were not from this place and they won't be back in September.

My next post is going to be from Montreal, a real Canadian city this time! Not just a town of a 100 people!

Montreal….here I come!


Ghalia said...

Bon chance!

Yazan said...

I envy u my friend...
God I hate this city..

good luck.. say hi to Omar