Tuesday, April 24, 2007


An hour ago…… I had nothing in mind…and no plans….

A half an hour ago….. I was extremely bored…but still no plans…

Ten minutes ago… I decided that I should have a plan to kill my boredom…

Two minutes ago….I bought my plane ticket to Ottawa….

Now…I have a plan….

One hour later....I will be packing my handbag….

Two hours later..... I have to be at the airport…..

Three hours later...... I will be connecting flights in Trudeau Airport, Montreal.

Four hours later…I will be in Ottawa….and that would be the end of my current plan….

Then what? Just me in a new city with no plan beyond arrival to that city…

It's crazy….but should be fun….

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Feedback on a party

A gathering of four people, beers, wine, pot and tabacco is all what it takes to join the North American socio-culture.

On the left window, you can see the accumulating snow during 20 CM snowstorm that was hitting Charlottetown that night, two days ago!

The argileh is, of course, my hamble contribution to this culture....

Still, when you do these "pre-party" rituals with mature people is so different than when with university kids.

Fun? I don't remember!
Met new people? I don't remember!
Danced? I don't remember!
Paid any money? I don't remember!

All what I really remember was a huge tattoo on somebody's back....and hearing Michael Jackson singing in Arabic and my head getting heavy that I had to hold it with my hands!

Miss home even more..... :(

Saturday, April 07, 2007


It starts with a fortunate accident, destiny leads the way, signals and clues spice it up and they all make my all time favorite romance movie, Serendipity.

I first watched it 4 years ago. I was going through some "rough" time with the lady at that time and the movie was all what a person in my shoes would need. It has, ever since, become my life-is-a-good-place movie. It's so full of hope that charges me with it whenever my reservoir of hope runs out... and oh boy doesn't it run out so quickly and often these days?

That movie, was the main reason for my first visit to New York city, where the "serendipitous" events take place. When I was at the American embassy in Damascus applying for a visa, the counsellor lady asked me why I wanted to go to New York, my answer was: "Have you seen a movie called Serendipity?" She was like "huh?"...nevermind, I replied.

I always feel happy and sad at the same time after watching it. I feel happy for the Jonathan (John Cusack) and feel sad for myself. He is, at the beginning, far from being a"hopeless romantic" type of guy...yet...as the movie progresses, he is so into that type. I, myself, don't admit being like that...but deep inside, I'm so fucked up like that. As I grow older, I get more rigid from the outside and softener from the inside with my head controlling what I say/see/or convince myself or others with. It's crap, I know it somewhere deep inside me. I tend to appear like that fucking careless emotionless guy just to protect myself. I have no idea what I'm protecting myself from though! Maybe the loneliness I have been in for the last few years, the emotional vacuum I have had inside me for all those years.

I just watched it one more time, I still felt the same, but this time I felt so distant from any emotional encounter I have even had. I felt alienated from any feeling. I'm forgetting how it really feels. My last closeness with the counterparts from the other sex has been, and for the last 2 years, merely physical and emotionless. I do know that I miss it and I certainly need it so much now more than ever, but I don't see myself being there again. Although I'd die for it, but it's becoming a part of a movie, something that I watch on tv and I know that it ends with the movie or tv show and everybody goes back home and none of that really exists anymore, to me at least.

It's pretty serious feeling that I hate to have, but I do...there is nothing that I can do about it...so until someone swips off my feet and takes my breath away, if ever...Serendipity will be my only dose of emotion or my emotional stimulation that I have to live through every once in a while.....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The making of "The King"

One of my all time favorites, I can eat it like there is no tomorrow, Yallangi, is the king of my hors d'Ĺ“uvre.
I haven't been getting a lot of good news recently; finding a grocery shop that sells grape leaves was one of the very few exceptions.
Called my mom, she e-mailed me the "how" to make, checked Abu-Fare's blog for "how to wrap" and I was ready to rock "n" roll...

What looked like this:

Merged later forming the "king"....

The wrapping was not an easy task, it took me forever. My back was in pain by the end of the operation. I had no other choice but to carry on… the temptations were strong…the image of me nibbling the Yalangi was all over my head. It had haunted me for few months now…

Of course, just like most of my "firsts" I had to video-tape it. I think I had many flows in wrapping the leaves, so if you are a person that can spot my mistakes, please highlight them for me!

Hours later on that day, the table was ready and I was about to start my lustful journey in eating my "treats".

Yallangi, although known to be a local appetizer in Syria and Lebanon, it's considered of Turkish origins. However, my theory says Yallangi is too good to be Turkish, therefore, the recipe was stolen among many other things from Syria during the Ottoman occupation, renamed and re-introduced as a part of the Turkish cuisine. This theory remains un-refutable and un-testable, however it will always be true to me. Ameen!

Monday, April 02, 2007

My enemy has my money!

I started smoking arigleh not long time ago, occasionally however. But since I've come to Canada and brought an argileh and loads of tobacco, things have been different. It's no longer about smoking, but about doing something that puts me back home. When I inhale or smell it, I'm all of a sudden sitting in Haretna restaurant in Damasucus surrounded by my friends. Another inhale and I'm on the terrace at my best friend's Hekmat's playing backgammon. This is why I smoke argileh so often here in PE-fucking-I.

Anyway, this is not what I want to talk about. A while ago, I was close to run out of tobacco, and being on this shit hole called PEI, there is no chance to find any, although it's easily available in the rest of Canada. I had to look for online stores and I did. I found this site smooking-hookah. Very decent prices and they have almost everything I would need. I checked the company's whereabouts and found out it was based in New Jersey. I placed an order and waited to get my new stack of tobacco that will help me burn my lungs even more.

Yesterday, I got the postman knocking on my door. He handed me a box which I instantly knew had the "stuff".

I was looking at the box, on one side was written that it was sent to me….but on the other side, the sender's address was a big surprise for me…a fucking big surprise….it was sent to me from Herzelia, Israel!

I was not keen on the campaigns some people do against some American companies claiming that when you buy a can of Pepsi for instance, 10% will go to support Israel. Up till this moment, I don't but these stories. But this is different; this time my money went to Israel straight forward, with not even a mediator! I feel bad.

I guess next time someone wants to buy "oriental" things off the internet, we should contact the company and ask where they ship their merchandise from.

A friend of mine told me to through them away, well that's bullshit, they already got my money and now I should just be throwing my stuff!!! Not so clever I'd day! Another friend told me that since I paid and there is no return policy, I should smoke my ass off to the fullest since what's done is done.

The point from this post is to be careful to whom you are paying your money to online!