Sunday, July 31, 2005

All, or just him and his gang?

Gosh, I'm known to be a person who talks a lot! Never shuts up!.....

I have been into a discussion with a sophisticated Iraqi guy, who does not believe in the existence of God, and believes that religions are hoaxes! Man, I got nothing else to say...I ran out of words! we both seem to be going in a circle!

The topic of discussion is "Noah's ark"...He is arguing that the story is originated from a Sumerian Myth and it was then copied into the Torah and later on, the Quran! However, Myth is not a true story but more of a simple human explanation of existence with no real background!....while I define myth as a simple human explanation of a natural phenomenon that occurred in the past where no science existed!

He's working on proving, theorically, that Quran is summering the Torah story. His approach is built on this argument. Why? cuz the Torah story tells of a huge flood that wiped the whole earth! Scientifically, this is wrong! My approach is that the Quran version of this story does not indicate the whole earth thing. It simply tells of a flood that drowned the Folks of Noah regardless of other humans that could be living somewhere else! This, does not contradict any scientific discovery in regard to this great flood that occurred likely in 4000 BC!

A misconception, I have sensed during discussing this story with Moslems and Christians, is that they believe the Torah story about drowning the whole EARTH! They also think that he took on board a couple of ALL animals as an indication of the massiveness of this flood! My argument here is that he took animals with him in order to insure his survival after the flood....not the survival of their species! He would need milk and meat as well as to grow corpses, so they can feed!

Which one has more sense? SENSE is my background, nothing more!

We have been discussing it for like a couple of weeks! Non of us seem to withdraw their point of view....for one simple reason! Non of what we say can be proved! It's all theories! and most important, it's all up to what we believe in and how we believe in it!


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Phew....1 hour only!

Boy, it’s freakin hot here in Damascus! I went to the old section to take some photos, I had the company of a Canadian lady who’s staying in Syria for few weeks!

We went to the Umayyad mosque; it was so crowded and full of Iranians doing their rituals at the shrine of Al-Hussain.

We had to cancel the tour early cuz she didn’t feel ok, so we stayed at Al-Nafoora coffee place….where I had the worst tea I EVER had! Yuck! I should have stuck to the water….

Anyways, I wanted to write a post about yesterday’s Friday prayer……but keep not getting a chance! I have just finished the look of this blog! (Like it?)…

I’m hungry and should get some sleep, even though I do not nap usually, but I’m going to this party with some people at 10 PM at Sednaya! Yeah, it’s crazy, especially that I have to be at work tomorrow at 8:00 AM! So let’s see how the party goes!

P.S. I only know 3 persons at this party…out of a million! But what the heck!

I got some photos to post, will do that as soon as I get the chance!

Eh sa7i, teh title of this post has nothing to do with it!!.....I'm just posting after I finished working on this blog that took me a whole hour!

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Meet Up.....

Yesterday, I got to meet with a bunch of Syrian bloggers, the elite in this sort of activities… I had thought a lot before I decided to go…. I was the newest and hadn’t met anyone of them before, except for Ayman of The Damascene Blog, who I had met twice in a course at the British Council some 9 years ago!

There were 10 of them (11 including me)…. They are all nice, even though I didn’t get the chance to know much of them, ya3nee, the first impression was ok, all were young, English speakers (since all of them have English blogs), educated and somehow…cool!

I really didn’t get the chance to know enough but a few of them really got me interested to know more about….. To name them (and I should not, but what the hell!)… let’s see, There is (random order ;) Ghalia, Yazan, Amr, Sara and Ayman……I donno…. It’s what I felt! I could be wrong! The others are, as said before, nice, but didn’t get the same impression! Oh wait, there is Zena, she is very shy and extra nice. Her shyness, however, made her silent most of the time. As for the rest, maybe they were too silent and too calm or sat far from me so we couldn't talk at all! Anyway, days are still to come and I will update my impression accordingly ;)

They are all Damascene except for Yazan, who is from Lattakia and came to attend the meet up (cool ha?) I don’t think I would go to a meet up if it was held in Homs! But I guess it’s the age! Since I think I was the oldest among them!! Eh :-

The meet up took place at Laila's…… I had to leave early cuz I had to be somewhere else for dinner and stuff…., not with bloggers this time ;)


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