Saturday, July 30, 2005

Phew....1 hour only!

Boy, it’s freakin hot here in Damascus! I went to the old section to take some photos, I had the company of a Canadian lady who’s staying in Syria for few weeks!

We went to the Umayyad mosque; it was so crowded and full of Iranians doing their rituals at the shrine of Al-Hussain.

We had to cancel the tour early cuz she didn’t feel ok, so we stayed at Al-Nafoora coffee place….where I had the worst tea I EVER had! Yuck! I should have stuck to the water….

Anyways, I wanted to write a post about yesterday’s Friday prayer……but keep not getting a chance! I have just finished the look of this blog! (Like it?)…

I’m hungry and should get some sleep, even though I do not nap usually, but I’m going to this party with some people at 10 PM at Sednaya! Yeah, it’s crazy, especially that I have to be at work tomorrow at 8:00 AM! So let’s see how the party goes!

P.S. I only know 3 persons at this party…out of a million! But what the heck!

I got some photos to post, will do that as soon as I get the chance!

Eh sa7i, teh title of this post has nothing to do with it!!.....I'm just posting after I finished working on this blog that took me a whole hour!


Salimo said...

I am a syrian living in Germany, I just had my PhD and planning to return after 6 years of GHIRBE..
Just wanted to say a few words of acknoledgement... ;-)
a really nice blog.. your doing a great job.
As a matter of fact, I read nearly all of it, and also the comments of your friends,,, believe me, it might be shitty in Dam, but it's not the heaven anywhere else.
By the way, could you consider the background of your blog to be more transparent or less opaque, because the lines are confusing a bit, you might get I7WILAL :-)
Keep it up man...
greetings salimo (30, from Damascus)

Ihsan said...

Hi Salimo, thanks for visiting and mostly for reading ;)

I'm not from the league who believes heaven does exist, at least on earth! I just have an ambition that won't be fulfilled in Syria.....exactly as you PhD.

P.S. I will consider the feedback you gave me, design wise, thanx.