Friday, May 16, 2008

Go Qatar....

Not as many of you may have thought, this post is not cheering Qatar because of their recent mediation to end the Lebanese-Lebanese slaughtering simply because I have stopped caring about that `fucked-up` country after I watched this gory footage of Lebanese killing Lebanese, again, based on their affiliations. So my dear Lebanese population....Go to hell!
Or in Arabic "تنباعو بالعزا...سواءا كنتو سنة..شيعة..مسيحية...دروز...او حتى بشر"

I`ve been meaning to post about Qatar for some time but never really got the chance, so I decided to spend my break doing so.

Despite my irrational racism against people of the Gulf region, I cannot help it not to admire, support and applaud the tremendous effort some of them are spending on a global marketing campaign to promote and sell `Arabs` in a better and polished way.

UAE and Qatar in specific have chosen a different path, a very smart one I have to admit, sports. Their campaigns have been basically attracting word-class sports activities so their names as Arabs in general and people of the Gulf in specific will be associated in the mind of the public to things other than camels and bare-footed ugly looking people. Golf, Tennis, horse racing and formula 1 are sports perceived as being on a higher class than say, soccer or basketball. They are more associated with wealth and prestige.

I read in a Canadian Business magazine few weeks ago an article about this issue and they spoke to some Qatari marketing manager who was leading the campaign. He said, when asked if those events are paying off, revenue wise, that their spending exceeds their revenues but that`s not what they are after. People around the world will hear about the Gulf States in a positive context about a topic they love, sports.

Qatar has decided to go further and has bid on hosting one of the world`s most important sport`s event, the Olympic games for the year 2016. They are competing with countries like the USA and Japan to name a few.

I do hope they win and host the Olympic Games. It would be the first Arab state to do so, probably the last during my life time.

Good luck Qatar and from the bottom of my heart....GO DOHA!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Diary in the West

My friends and family keep asking me everytime we speak about how I live in the West. What sort of life I have and what I do in it.

To save myself from repeating the same story I've decided to post a detailed schedule of my day to day life on my blog:


7:30 AM : Wake up, shower and coffee
8:30 AM : I go to work
10:30 PM : I get back from work
10:40 PM : I eat
12:00 AM : I go to bed


Saturdays: I sleep all day
Sundays : I clean the apartment, do the dishes and the laundry, buy groceries....and go to the movies!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last cried...

When was the last time I had tears in my eyes?

Just few minutes ago

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lebanese Urban Legand: Make Tea...not War!

Just when I was about to get to bed and doing my bedtime news round I came across the funniest political statement of the year so far. If it is that funny, then as you may have figured out, it has to do with Arabs politicians. This time is from Lebanon. The Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Saniora has stated: “Hezbollah did to Beirut what Israel didn't dare”. Of course if you haven’t got the joke in the statement, then it’s either you don’t have a sense of humor and may god be with your spouse during your dull time together, or you don’t follow the recent history of Lebanon. Basically, if he hadn’t mentioned the word “dare”, it would be a somewhat valid statement, debatable but definitely not funny.

Now let me straight things out to Mr. Saniora and those of the like. Despite the bloody nature of the Israelis and their history of murder but to tell the truth, they have never been known to bite the hand that serves them tea in a time of crisis.

Perhaps, the Lebanese government should try to serve Hezbollah some tea and who knows, Hezbollah may stop “daring” to do what he did to Beirut.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I have to admit I was disappointed when I watched this clip called Fitna. I had heard so much about the so long awaited film from that Dutch politician Geert Wilders, or better described as “freedon of speech” fighter. I’d heard so much about how that “fighter” was finaly about to expose the terror in the Quran. The film did not live to reach my expectation. Lame is the least to be described as.

Having said that and after reading lots of comments and discussions about the “extremely informative" film, as described by so many people on the internet who praised the freedom of speech, I decided, that I, too, wanna embrace the “freedom of speech” dogma and declare myself a devout fighter under its holy name.

My first mission is to “expose” all texts that call for death upon others. The first “verses” I got my hands on were from the US constitution that clearly indicates under chapter 18:

“….(b) A person who conspires to commit an offense, ….. shall be punished by death…”
And it gets better here:

“(d)…. If two or more persons conspire kidnap a Member of Congress or a
Member-of-Congress-elect ...shall be punished by death….”

So I here call for the ban of the US constitution and ask the "civilized" American to liberate themselves from this “hatred and uncivilized” rules to which they are bound to obey.

Alright, enough what this crap already! People who “oppose” the US, will cheer for the above excerpts and may even praise me for this discovery….just like my fellow “freedom of speech” fighters did to Mr. Wilders. Other people however, who were not blessed with ignorance, will dig further and find out that I simply cut and pasted “specific” parts of the US constitution that serve my goal, in this case, spreading hatred against Americans. To those, I salute you.

Believe it or not, so many people who have watched the film “Fitna” and applauded and cheered to the guy behind it, know nothing about the freedom of speech, even more, they are as far as anybody can be from being civilized.

I’m going to list the Quranic verses that Mr. Wilders used to demonstrate that Quran calls for terrorism.
Before I start, I need to mention that the translation he used is not accurate and somehow modified to fit his purpose", but that is the least he did.

He started with Surah 8, Verse 60 that reads:

“Make ready for them all thou canst of (armed) force and of horses tethered,
that thereby ye may dismay the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others beside
them whom ye know not. Allah knoweth them. Whatsoever ye spend in the way of
Allah it will be repaid to you in full, and ye will not be wronged. (60) “

Then he goes on showing photos of September 11th crime. Well, many “civilized” people don’t know that the continuation of that verse reads:

“And if they incline to peace, incline thou also to it, and trust in
For those interested in knowing, the part of the Quranic verse
is teaching about “Rules of Engagements” in the times of war.

The second verse he used, Surah 4, verse 56, reads:
“ Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As
often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that
they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty, Wise. “

Although the verse is clear and self-explanatory as it describes the punishment that GOD will bring upon those who disbelieve in him. It has in no why any teaching or instruction to the followers. Just plain narrative of what is going to happen in the Judgment Day. I doubt that the “God” of the Old Testament hasn’t touched on the subject…many times.

The third verse is the most interesting one, as he omitted words that don’t serve his aim from the same verse. This verse is Surah 47, verse 4 and in the film it reads:

“Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks and when ye have
caused a bloodbath among them....bind a bond firmly on them....”

Whereas the verse actually reads:

“Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the
necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward
either grace or ransom till the war lay down its burdens. ”

Like if he is ever confronted with this, I believe his response will be as deep as: “Ooopsi”.

Moving on to his next verse, Surah 8, verse 39, which reads:

“They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve, that ye may be
upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake
their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them
and kill them wherever ye find them, and choose no friend nor hper from among
them, (89)”

I guess he got a phone call while working on this epic film so he totally forgot to put the continuation of that verse, Surah 4, verse 90, which reads:

Except those who seek refuge with a people between whom and you there is a
, or (those who) come unto you because their hearts forbid them to make
war on you or make war on their own folk
. Had Allah willed He could have given
them power over you so that assuredly they would have fought you. So, if they
hold aloof from you and wage not war against you and offer you peace, Allah
alloweth you no way against them
. (90)

Simply put, if they fight you, fight them back, if they declare war against you, do the same. If they offer peace, reciprocate! What’s so hard to understand about this?

The last verse he used, Surah 8 Verse 39, reads according to him:

“Fight them until there is no dissension and the religion is entirely Allah's"

While the verse actually reads:

“And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah. But
if they cease, then lo! Allah is Seer of what they do.”

Clear I guess, reciprocate when you are under persecution until they stop persecuting you!

Of course, he quoted many “radicals” Muslims throughout the film to support his falsification of the Quran. I’m pretty much sure that if one’s needs to get radical and racist remarks, probably with the exception of the Citizen of Utopia, a handful of them can be spotted within each and every society.

Last word:
I believe that faith does not need to be defended. The aim of my post is not to defend, but rather to clarify.

By the way, for those who don’t know Arabic, Fitna in an Arabic word that means “Creating division and hatred leading to commotion”. I had to admit that no other title could do a better job describing the content of this film.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Story of a lady…

Before I start, I want to say to that passing princess…thank you.

For the last two years, a lot of question marks have been floating over my head. I’d started to believe that I lost any sense of intimacy with the women. For two years, in all my so-called relationships here in Canada or better described as one night-stand, two nights, or even weeks-stand relations , I always ended up taking a cold bath cursing what I had just done. I always blamed myself for being no more than a person who seemed to only be able to have meaningless encounters with women. I had always justified it and convinced myself that what I do is simply a result of me growing mature and being the wise-ass who knows what relationships are about and that I don’t need anything more than just a little action.

I was wrong……

Few days before I left home and came back to Canada…..we was a dinner among friends…I knew about her, knew of her but didn’t know her. Before that night, she was just a girl that I met through friends. That dinner was the spark that made me realize that I’m still all about connecting to someone, relating to and more….being crazy about. The dinner was over, we waved goodbye and then I saw a spark in her eyes…reflecting the spark in my eyes. We texted each other few minutes after….spend the night together, on the phone, we went to sleep when the first morning rays where lighting Damascus. We met 4 hours after, it was our first official date. It was the longest and most fulfilling date I have had in years. Those hours moved us ahead in a super fast relationship that would usually take months to get this far.

She made me feel that it’s all about intimacy and everything else came after. We connected, we danced, we hugged, we kissed, we made sweet love. She made me feel like a man who has more feelings than desires. She introduced me back to the old “me” that I had thought I’d lost.
She introduced me to Ihsan, the man who can actually fall for someone once again, if distances, oceans and lands did not separate between Canada and Syria.

This short relationship was an eye opener for me. It came as a reminder that I’m missing so much. It’s not about the physical aspect. But more about what leads to it and what results from it. It’s about wanting to stay so close to someone that skins would merge together.
I do miss all that, I do miss her, her voice, her annoying never ending arguments, her touch, her skin. Her image when the lights were so dim has been imprinted on the twists of my brain cells that will takes a surgery to remove.

Thanks a thousand times. I wish we lived in the same country. I wish if we didn’t believe that online relationship is not the thing that we both want for now.

My 2008 resolution is no more physical encounters without intimacy, if I’m not gonna have what I had, I don’t need it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guy's Magnate!

I just got the new Azzaro fragrance for men, “Azzaro Now” which was remarkably cheap for a new cologne under such a name. I’ve worn it a couple of time already and just realized that whenever I smell it, I get sexually aroused. Ok, now correct me if I’m wrong, shouldn’t men’s cologne cause such an arousal at women rather than men? Then what the heck? I wonder what will happen if I wear it and go to a club or something….oh boy I’m gonna make a huge wave among all the guys there!

The moral of the story: If you ever buy something expensive for a cheap price…then you’d better watch your ass!