Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last cried...

When was the last time I had tears in my eyes?

Just few minutes ago


أُمنية said...

i have a nephew, her father won't let her go out alone under any circumestances. she has to be with someone older. and she has to wear long and hopfully the scarfe this summer. the girl doesn't mind now, but i know she will when she grows up.
i hate the way that girls are brought up in my stupid society. i hate the way a girl has to be around a cricle, in a cirlce all the time, and then moving to another cirlce.
but when her mother tells me the stories about little girls been chased by grown ups, when i my self walks in the street and have to hear the stupid comments every morning. or have to bear someone's "innoccent touch or physical contact" i say let her be in a circle, let her wear the scarf let her wear even " mlaya" if this will save her from the crazyiness happening in the streets.

what have made our young men like dogs?
i can't help feeling sorry for them also. this is a human being who was born as natural as me. what happened to him that turned him into an animal? or even a creatuer that i can't recognize coz i don't think animals rape each other.

she is in heaven now, i can't but say also may allah have mercey on him.

natasha said...

it's been many years, my friend. I see what is happening in Syria and think and think of you and the time we were on either side of the Golan. Where are, I wonder. And, are you still alive?