Monday, May 12, 2008

Lebanese Urban Legand: Make Tea...not War!

Just when I was about to get to bed and doing my bedtime news round I came across the funniest political statement of the year so far. If it is that funny, then as you may have figured out, it has to do with Arabs politicians. This time is from Lebanon. The Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Saniora has stated: “Hezbollah did to Beirut what Israel didn't dare”. Of course if you haven’t got the joke in the statement, then it’s either you don’t have a sense of humor and may god be with your spouse during your dull time together, or you don’t follow the recent history of Lebanon. Basically, if he hadn’t mentioned the word “dare”, it would be a somewhat valid statement, debatable but definitely not funny.

Now let me straight things out to Mr. Saniora and those of the like. Despite the bloody nature of the Israelis and their history of murder but to tell the truth, they have never been known to bite the hand that serves them tea in a time of crisis.

Perhaps, the Lebanese government should try to serve Hezbollah some tea and who knows, Hezbollah may stop “daring” to do what he did to Beirut.

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أُمنية said...

i can actually see his point.
Saniora looks at Beriut as March14th medri February 14th , he doesn't see the rest of the poeple living. israel never dared to treat these groups as this. and hizballah dared to. so the guy has a point.