Sunday, January 22, 2006


I have been out of Damascus for 26 days!

I don’t wanna get sensitive in here and say what I feel, as I have been avoiding blogging cuz I’m in such a bad mood all the time!

However, of all the things that I miss, there is one thing that has really triggered me to blog here at this very moment of despair!

I spent an hour wandering in the streets looking for a place where I can have a fried chicken! NO FUCKING LUCK! I hate KFC, but I was willing to eat there, and it was closed! It’s snowing out there and it’s Saturday night! People around me in the residence are so hammered and most of them are half naked – please don’t ask me why- and yet, I was outside in a hunt for a fried chicken! I miss the luxury we have in Damascus, where we can get the kind of food we want at any time, day or night! I miss the fried chicken there or as we call it “Broasted Chicken”. I was addicted to it.

I tried to google “Friend Chicken near you”…nothing came out except for KFC!

Now what? I’m here alone and hungry and I ended up ordering pizza….FUCK PIZZA! I hate pizza…. I have eaten pizza a million times ever since I left!

Anyways, the pizza guy has arrived and I gotta run down and get my food!