Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guy's Magnate!

I just got the new Azzaro fragrance for men, “Azzaro Now” which was remarkably cheap for a new cologne under such a name. I’ve worn it a couple of time already and just realized that whenever I smell it, I get sexually aroused. Ok, now correct me if I’m wrong, shouldn’t men’s cologne cause such an arousal at women rather than men? Then what the heck? I wonder what will happen if I wear it and go to a club or something….oh boy I’m gonna make a huge wave among all the guys there!

The moral of the story: If you ever buy something expensive for a cheap price…then you’d better watch your ass!


Omar said...

lol... There's a positive side to the story. Have you considered picking up lesbians with this cologne? The manly ones at least would love you at first sniff

Ihsan said...

Well what do you know....maybe all what I need is the love at first sniff....of a mustached lady!

Anyway, I'm gonna give this cologne as a gift to somebody. I just need to think of the best friend to give it to....any ideas?

tamatem * said...

how about u give it to a girl?
u know.. as funny as it may sound.. but some girls like to wear men's cologne.. they happen to be "refreshing" :D