Monday, April 09, 2007

My Feedback on a party

A gathering of four people, beers, wine, pot and tabacco is all what it takes to join the North American socio-culture.

On the left window, you can see the accumulating snow during 20 CM snowstorm that was hitting Charlottetown that night, two days ago!

The argileh is, of course, my hamble contribution to this culture....

Still, when you do these "pre-party" rituals with mature people is so different than when with university kids.

Fun? I don't remember!
Met new people? I don't remember!
Danced? I don't remember!
Paid any money? I don't remember!

All what I really remember was a huge tattoo on somebody's back....and hearing Michael Jackson singing in Arabic and my head getting heavy that I had to hold it with my hands!

Miss home even more..... :(

1 comment:

Omar said...

did you get to the point where you doze off on some couch, and wakeup to find people you don't even know sleeping next to you?

or to the point where you wake up and drink coffee in the morning with whoever is left in the party, mostly people you don't know.. only to find out that the apartment's owner is not even there and that now one knows where he is.. and you then remember that you don't even know who the owner is cos you came with a friend??

if you reached these stages.. only then you can say that you have experienced the north american party life...

i don't know about you.. but i love these kinds of parties.. gives me lots of stories to tell (or blog) ;-)