Sunday, May 21, 2006

My first kill!

Today, I had my first kill!

I cooked a lobster! I boiled some water; put a bunch of stuff in it like lemon, orange, garlic, onion, pepper and salt, and then I threw a live lobster in it! This is the only way to cook that creature. It's sad, but I heard that they don't suffer when they are thrown in roaring and boiling water! This is what people say so they don't feel guilty while eating their kills of lobsters.

I liked the test of the meat, but the whole experience of cooking it alive and breaking its hard shell, ruined my appetite. I simply didn't enjoy it!

I had it few days ago at a restaurant and it was Ok, expensive however.

Here is how it looked after being cooked.

My advice: Stick to the fish!

And yeah, another piece of advice: If you have read Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, don't watch the movie. I did yesterday. It was less exciting than the book. However, if you haven't read the book, then watch the movie, you are gonna love it!


celeritas said...

I was relieved when I saw the lobster...

Pia said...

Hey killer beast! The poor lobster..dying in such pain..sniff...that must have been some kind of an experience! And yeah, I agree with "overtherainbow"..I was relieved when I saw the pic of the lobster!! Haahahah

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Enjoy Canada!!

Ghalia said...

Ihsan, even if I got paid I wont try it!
I've gotta admit it, I've never seen a guy who likes challenge and trying everything new like YOU!

Yazan said...

sa7teeen :)

ayhm jzzan said...

فداك يا رجل
صحتييييييييييييين وعافي

Soraya said...

Yea I heard about the movie
A big disappointing for those who read the novel :( like moi
I was so eager to watch it errrrrrr

As for that red creature ummmmm not for me thanks


Joy said...

I am proud of you for trying it! Lobster is not something I enjoy either, but a lot of people love it. I think they are more fun to play with than to eat. But that is because I work at a seafood restaurant!

I will still see Davinci Code.. I haven't read the book yet.

Shannon said...

I have to ask- Do they really scream when being cooked?

Joy said...

I can tell you that they aren't able to make noises. It's a myth.

Ihsan said...

As Joy said, they don't scream!

Yet, you could hear some screaming in the kitchen when I threw it in the pot, but that was my roommate not the lobster!

Thanks everybody for passing by :)

I love Munich said...

Not a chance I could do that!! I'm a SCUBA-diver ... and know how beauuuuuutiful they move under water!!!
Ihsan - I just saw your picture on flickr .. they are GREAT! Don't you blog on "Bits and Bites of Syria" anymore?

Sam... said...

I have to say they do taste good, but this meal needs a lot of cleaning afterwards.....

any way welcome to the club of killers... :)

Thanks for the advise on the movie, i am reading the book now..... somehow late ....but better than never..


Ihsan said...

Karin: I'm going home soon and I will be getting more bits and bites from there and will inshallah be posting in my other blog. Thanks for asking though.

Sam: TNT is good for cleaning the messy kitchen after a lobster dinner!