Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Scattered phrases....

It's been long since I wrote anything, not that I have lots of things to blog about!

I started writing new post many times, but ended up deleting what I had written….

The spring has begun in here, it's nice to see the sun almost everyday, of course you don't actually feel it, but you do see it! My summer session has started this morning as well and I'm about to get busy…..which is really something that I had been longing for.

The past 10 days where the most boring days I have had in my recorded history, no school, almost everybody I know left home and I'm not lucky with the locals so I cannot rely on the fact that I do know some!

My only entertainment was watching my favorite show 24, and long walks near the sea while listening to nostalgic music and sometimes, reading a book on a bench near by the ocean, just like any 70 years old widowed man!

I'm gradually getting over the cultural shock, not by understanding, but by getting used to the culture. I'm turning cold as well!

People in here, and regardless of the fact that they are super nice, have some sort of paranoia. If a person is being kind and friendly, it can be interpreted by girls as being seeking access to their pants or as being gay by same-gender dudes! They don't say it out loud, but I can feel it, I've felt it many times. I donno if my middle-eastern origins have anything to do with it!

I was told by a friend that people thought I was gay, just because I dress well most of the time. Last week, another group of people thought I was gay cuz I was with a friend of a friend who happened to be gay. So what on earth is wrong with this society? Should it be more open as claimed? More understanding and less judgmental? Do I have to dress as they do in order to be normal? In response to what he told me, I said that according to those people, most of the people in Europe, Syria and Lebanon are gays! Cuz they dress well relatively and in comparison to what people dress in here! Should I look down to gay people and refuse their company if I don't want to be perceived as one of them?

I just moved in to a new place across the street from university, I'm living with two friends, one from Germany and the other is from France. The house is really cool and fully furnished. The only downside is the fact that I have to cook! But we are doing fine so far, my German friend and I are sharing our cooking experiences and the outcome is tasty, so far!

I can't wait till the 21st of June comes; I have booked all my tickets and ready to go. I will be meeting with two Syrian-bloggers in Montreal and Toronto. It should be fun.

Last week, my laptop crashed and went in complete silent, so I had to take it to have it fixed, I still don't know if they can fix it or if I will get my data! I was so pissed off because that may mean losing most of the photos that I had taken in Canada! The good thing is that I felt less guilty to pay a fortune for my new Sony VAIO laptop!

Time to go and use my creativity to make dinner, once again!

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Yazan said...

what did ya get? me got myself brand new Type F. brilliant. "u can notice how i'm still in the HEY I LOVE MY NEW VAIO" mood.