Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Unreadable material

It's midnight here in the Potato Land…also known as PE-fucking-I.

I have never hated a place as much as I hate this place. But I'm not gonna be writing about it… not because many people from PEI read my blog…because honestly I don't give a dead rat's ass about many…well..most….hmm..all of them…just I don't want to ruin the moment of enlightenment that I'm having now… sitting in my living room…sipping tea, smoking my last Davidoff cigar and listening to the great Syrian singer Lena Chamamian….candles on and cell phone off.

The school term is about to end, my family has been nagging to go home for a visit this summer but I have made a decision that the next time I pack my stuff in PEI…it should be with no return that means, a year from now. The plan was to finish by the end of this year; however, a slight unanticipated change caused me an extra 4 months of stay on the island.

I'm looking for a job, because I'm not taking many summer courses and I fear that having some extra free time in here with nothing to do might drive me crazy, so I want to make sure I stay sane. Plus, some extra cash is always good to have especially that I might be going to Miami later on this summer on a road trip from Montreal.

The weather is getting nicer and today was one of the warmest this year. It looks like it's gonna be a hell of a summer in here. Humidity is worse than snow for me. All that thanks to global warming, the topic that I have to write a report on, submit and present on Thursday. I still have the ideas but no writing whatsoever. I'm gonna be swamped tomorrow with work. I've come to discover that time management is not one of my traits. I can only work under pressure. I had 2 month to write this report and I will be writing in one day, the very last day! It's not a good thing but I have to feel that I'm pressured so I can get myself together and do some serious work, as long as I have the ideas.

For a while on this island, I never met any Syrians, and then I met the money-worshipper/cheap landlord who happens to be of Syrian origins. But that was it, I had met no more Syrians…However, just very recently, I have met so many of them, all at once, and the weird thing is that all of them are from one part of Syria…while they say they are from Damascus, but they are from a town 40 minutes far from Damascus called Qatana…there is literally no Syrians that I've met in here who are not from Qatana. Of course the weird thing is that they are not relatives, I would understand if they were have blood relation of some kind cuz that would explain why they migrated from the same town. Anyway, a friend of mine who lives in Montreal told me, when I first told her that I would be going to PEI, that it was like Qatana. At that time, I thought she meant size and population wise…but apparently…she meant demographic wise.
One of my very best friends that I once had was from Qatana, but she was born and raised in Cyprus. I'm starting to think that Qatana has been left empty and nobody lives in there!

I salute whoever reached this far in reading. I wouldn't read what I wrote, simply because it has no sense, no idea, no nothing….just words from here and there. I just felt like talking and I'd already visited most of the blogs that I read and left irrelevant comments but that didn't quench my desire for blabbing…. So I ended up writing this nonsense that you just enjoyed.

T3eesho w taklo ghairha…please visit more often ;p

Ok...I'm editing the post because i felt sorry for you guys...I want to compensate you...and the best I could offer is a photo I took an hour ago in my living room....maybe it will help you get a sense of the settings I have in the room:

click to enlarge and maybe get the scent


chumly said...

I like the notebook idea. What do I know, I live in Dunmore, Pennsylvania in the USA. PEI got to be better I hope. Thanks for the post.

Omar said...

I sensed a bit of frustration in your comment. Trust me man, it's not any more fun here in Waterloo, not a lot of things to do, unless you like Irish bars.

Can I suggest Norah Jones' new album to go with the setting you have there.

tamatem * said...

salute back at ya! ;)
good luck with ur paper and presentation on thursday :)

Soraya said...

That was quite an entertaining blah

keep it up

Andre said...

Man Hada el notebook template taba3ak 7awalni, i had to select the text in order to read it!
i clicked on the candle photo and now the scent is all over my house, ta3a daberna!