Monday, November 07, 2005

I hate my Job

Having a heart that actually does more than beating and pumping is a blessing!

While mine does more than that, unfortunately, the people's, who I work with, do not! They are basically senseless robots. I used to find that a great advantage in them. But it's not anymore about dedication and separation between work and everything else, it exceeds to be and extreme in a way that we are no humans anymore. We are a bunch of creatures who work by the BOOK and only by the book, even if, in today's case per instance, the book was ok with the whole case. Yet, they go far with their extremes and tend to see and think that all people are like them, material and emotionless, thus, they take decisions based on what/how they see not on what it really is!

I couldn't care less.....but I work for them, and I'm the guy who delivers/implements their decisions!


Now, back to work, soldier! :-\


Yazan said...

I'm not sure what to tell ya, or whether it's that original, but it's work...

btw, u make decision on the basis of what U SEE?! or what It REALLY Is?! that's a really tricky question... cuz obviously what U see is what's TRUE to ya!!

anyways, hope u feel better... c'est la vie ;)

Zena said...

I know how you feel, sometimes I don't think that I fit in the world of buisness, but as Yazan said, buisness is buisness.

Sorry to tell you that

GraY FoX said...

the mentality of business is just senseless to me.. if we are not working devotely like it's our own business instead of working like slaves makes more sense to me.. and that's why i guess i understand what you mean Ihsan