Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sleepless in Damascus…

It’s not yet very late, but today, and for a change, I decided to hit the bed early, so tomorrow I woke up awake not as half asleep as usual! I’ve been in bed for more than an hour! No luck….. I got all sorts of thoughts, I thought about my life, my work, and my friends! I even thought of who invented the wheels! It's weird to have such a though! I think it was the Sumerians…but not sure, actually this is why I came online now….to check this info!

I donno…..I think I’m too far from falling asleep!... I tried to read the book I had been trying to finish recently “The enigma of Ishtar”….. But didn’t feel like reading about mythologies…..

Tomorrow, I’m meeting my new boss at work. This is one of the mixed advantage/disadvantage thingy of my job. I get to work with many bosses.
The one, who just left Syria, Sharon, was one of the best ones I have had. I learnt a lot from her, she was tough and cool! But they always have to leave….oh women… wait, that saying does no fit in here! Anyways, I hope the new one will be good and working with her will be fun! AMEN!

I’m listening to an orphan CD that I have for Richard Clyderman….. Piano and guitar are my favorite instruments. I regret not learning playing them!

I’m still waiting to get admission at university! I hate waiting when it’s about a life-level step! I just need to know what I’m doing next! I wanna get out of town! I have been here all of my life but it’s time to get the hell out. I love Damascus, but maybe this is one of the reasons I should leave her….. It really hurts seeing this country goes down! People cheer the government and are full of hope….. Well, I don’t… I only see stupid and random internal and external policies; I only see increasing corruptions wherever I go…. I only see the wrong people at the wrong places…. Yet, people are waiting for a miracle! Miracles my ass!

I have a dream of establishing (in 10 years from now) my own Travel Company that will promote Syria the right way…. I have dealt with many travel agencies in Damascus, and was never satisfied…. I wanna do it right…. When people wanna visit Syria, or even if Syrians, wanna visit around, I want them to know where exactly to go, what exactly to expect! I wanna have mobile facilities to accompany groups’ buses to isolated archaeological sites (e.g. Mari Kingdom), so tourists won’t have to worry on where to piss!
I dream of making promotional commercials about Syria just like the ones that all other countries, which have tourism industry, broadcast on CNN, BBC and MBC!

Donno if one day I will have all this done…..I may…or may not….I may just be married to a fat lady and trying to feed some 6 kids that I only got cuz I had no money to buy condoms!

I feel like eating something…..or maybe drinking something….. I donno….maybe I’d better give it another try and see if I can fall asleep!

By the way, The first wheel, or lets say the oldest, was seen in a Sumerian's pictograph dated about 3500 BC as per Encyclopaedia Britannica!



Sinan said...

Damn man, sometimes I wonder if I am reading myself in your blog, I mean I totally feel for you, anyway may god be with you.

M!R@CHK@ said...

I really like guitar and piano as well :) wish my future husband can play me the guitar :P hehehe

Ghalia said...

Wow, I feel the same since long time, even with the guitar:(
have mercy!

Stellar said...

I know that feeling. I've been there and done that... That's the beauty of life though, with it's ups and downs. :) Do me a favor, keep on smiling because it'll help you. :D

no one said...

u r one good damn writer

u know how to express ur inner self in a very good way ..that's good for u

i advice u to leave damascus as soon as possible but the thing is it's hard to leave syria and when u leave it, it's hard to come back to it..!

i'm more than sure that u will fulfill ur dreams.. promise to give us disaccounts


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Tolerant Damascene said...

Bed-time thoughts are the best most spontaneous thoughts.

Leaving Syria is a dream for every young man. Migration is a dream, but it's one of the worst experiences younglings would encounter until they overcome after a few years. Yet they'd still have a feeling of not belonging. A feeling that their accent is different than the other natives.

However, if you wish to leave Syria, I can only wish you a good luck. You are too skillful and open-minded for Syria of today. But if you leave, it's a loss for Syria.

I always have thoughts about promoting Syria and improving every aspect of the life there. It's just a dream... I'm one of the most optimistic Syrians who still have faith that things are going to become better. Lately, I've been losing that faith, because in reality, all countries, even in Africa, are experiencing some improvements, except Syria.

If there's improvement, then it's the slowest improvement that ever existed.

Keep the hope in everything, so you could encourage me to keep mine.

Zena said...

I guess, bed time is the time when you are true to yourself and you get to review all of your past actions and deeds.
Disappintments, shocks, misunderstandings, fake smiles and .........
Whatever it is there is always something pushing us away...
Peace of mind, will we ever get that..

Ihsan said...

Sinan: I guess it could be all youth issue!

Mira: hmmm, I guess I'm out of your league then :D

Ghalia: Try piano then :P Music and sport could be the best way to let these feelings out in a safe way...well, blogs as well!

Sara: I will smile as soon as I get my teeth fixed :D

No One:I know what you are saying, all people who left Damascus say the same!

Maha: I have already filled out the survey of yours 37 times, with every comment I find for you, I do it! :D

Tolerant Damascus: Thanx for your words. Migration is not a dream for me, my sole reason to leave is to shrapen my skills, get higher education and maybe one day contribute in enhancing my country....if she welcomes me back :|

Zena: The moment we get full peace of mind, we will be dead! As there will always be something to disturb as long as we breath!

Tanya said...


I don't know why I thought Ihsane was a female name. Excuse my ignorance, I am not from the area
I like your blog a lot. I get to discover a side of Syria I thoughtdid not exist. I've never been to your country but I am interested in it

Ihsan said...

Hello Tanya,

My name is a unisex arabic name, so you were right about the name but not me ;)

Glad to know that you have interest in my country. It's a great country.

You are always welcome in my blog and pls feel free to ask about anything related to my country.

Also, if you have some spare time, pls visit my other blog about Syria, "Bits & Bites of Syria" and there you can learn more about Syria and u will find links to many Syrian blogs.

Thanx for stopping by :)

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