Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The bold & the beautiful's cell!

I have the urge to sleep, but just don’t feel like closing my eyes! I’m willing to do whatever it takes just to know what’s wrong with me! I’m doing almost everything and yet, always having this feeling of boredom and the desire of something that I have no idea what the hell it is!

My world is changing, our world. Or maybe it’s the age thing! I’m starting a new year in few days and feel like I have lived twice my age in term of everything but achievements!


Today, at around 10 PM, I was going to my best friend’s place. The moment I left the building, I saw this girl, she was just perfect, and don’t get me started on the bonnet she was wearing or the mini-skirt or how she looked in general……anyways, she was really attractive, and worth noticing…. Yet, she was standing outside our building and she looked as if she’s been crying! I got curious….and to be honest, interested!
I walked towards here and asked if everything was ok. She yelled at me and asked me to fuck off…..(hmmm, pretty nasty ha?). I repeated my question and she started crying….To tell you the truth, I didn’t look good….I mean, standing at 10 PM with a crying girl who was provocatively dressed!
Anyway, I’m a stubborn dude ….Eventually, she told me that she had lost he cell phone……I said “fuck”…all this drama for a freaking cell phone! I thought she lost her family in a plane crush! She said that her mom would kill her is she went home without it. I did my best to talk her into seeing how silly this was! Her voice went louder! I asked her how she lost it, she said that she had forgotten it at some nearby store and most likely the guy there took it….. I asked her to come with me and we went to the store where she used my cell to call hers….it was off!

The guy denied any knowledge of such a cell…….we walked away and she was really crazy, furious and scared to death! I asked her to wait and went back to the store…..

I walked in and tried to wear a serious face…..and told the guy that I knew he had the cell but I would want to solve it without any troubles…..I guess I sounded serious enough… he confessed and told me his side of the story.

She came with her few years old sister, and were asking about the prices of some goods, they bought nothing and left shortly, once they walked away, he noticed a missing big chocolate bar (worth 200 pounds)….He talked to his neighbor who said that he’d seen a hottie and a little girl who were carrying it outside…. The guy cursed and turned back to his store to find a cell phone put aside….She had forgotten her cell phone in there, Allah kbeeer (God is Almighty) he said, she stole but forgot her stuff…

Shortly later, she came back, he confronted her, she denied and so he told her that he won’t give her the phone until her parents come and take it…….Then she walked away, the guy said….

Ok, I was surprised to hear this story! But donno…believed this guy….. I pretended to be the hottie’s neighbor and told him that I will deal with it, and that he could call the police if he wanted but to steal something from her… didn’t make him any better…..few minutes of persuasive talk from my side (e.g. I peg you, please sir, you can have my cell, you can have me, you can have me and my younger brother, I can be your bitch :D ), he handed me the cell…..

I headed back to our building where she was waiting for me…..gosh from a far she looked perfect! I gave her the cell, kinda told her how shameful it was what she and he sister had done and asked her to fuck off… (The revenge)

I would not believe it if anybody told me that this expensively dressed girl would steal! Gosh….this is a big problem in life…..we can never tell from the appearance! Appearances can deceive anybody and everybody…. I have been deceived a lot by people who looked angel-like….. every time, I say…”well, Ihsan, you learnt a good lesson…..and from now on, you would be able to judge better….” That does not seem to work!

The moral of the story is:

“When u see such a hotie who tells you that she has lost her cell, dont be a smart-ass and investigate, just tell her that you are buying her a new one! so you may live with her happily ever after ;) ”


Zena said...

Well, that solves it.
Looks decieve,that is totally natural, I don't think we will ever learn.

Anyway, being a hottie myself, that girl brought shame to our kind ;)

M!R@CHK@ said...

Hahahaha Ihsan wonderful story i love it :D
Man did u take her number ?:P

Yazan said...

I liked the mini skirt part.. but seriously, maybe she's got some shoplifting issues, u know like Winona Ryder's case last year...

another lesson learnt, looks decieve...!!

Anonymous said...

Cool, the moral of the story is:

"Don't shit where you eat"

You find a hottie one standing opposite your door, just pull her away and price her, other wise you will be involved in shitty stuff
تعيش وتاكل غيرها

Ghalia said...

Nice story, but u know what, it approves that u r a curious guy;)

no one said...

one thing i didn't get in the story... who is the bold here?

no one said...

by the way , in case i wasn't here...WISH U THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER

Anonymous said...

Ihsan said...

Zena: You are right, shame is all over the hotties! ;)

Mira: I got it, and deleted it... I was seeing how brave I was...damn it I was brave and now I regret it :(

Yazan: Maybe she has an issue, still, it's a serious issue, but damn she is hot I wish I had my camera for your guys :P !

KaNaKa: Yeah, a lesson learnt, thanx for the advice.... still available though ;)

Ghalia: me curious? why? why I'm curious? what makes u think so? I don't put my nose almost everywhere ;)

No One: I guess it was the guy at the store ;)
Where might you be? you will be around the net for sure, if not in Syria, then somewhere else, I heard that internet is accessible outside Syria as well!

Tolerant Damascene said...

Sounds like you're the good guy who likes to make hot chicks feel better ;)

Anyway, have a great birthday and cheer up abit more :D

Omar said...

would you have gone through all this trouble had she been ugly?
Ya3nee bil 3arabi, fayte bil 7ait shee malion marra

Ihsan said...

Tolerant Damascene: Yup, that's me, as long as they are "hot" chicks! :D

Omar: Hmmm, ya3nee, I guess I mentioned that she was attractive and worth noticing! Her, being ugly however, I think I would not notice her at the first place. But if I get to notice that she is ugly and crying, then I may step in and ask someone to help her :P

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