Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In the memory of a beating heart...

I thought I no longer need it anymore. I convinced myself that I had lived it through and knew what it was all about. I believed, it was an experience that a one must live.

I was, once again, all wrong!

I was reading through some blogs, I came across a poem that a girl wrote for somebody, I couldn’t stop but read it all, once and twice… I usually don’t read poetry! This time I couldn’t not read it and react to the simple thought of it.

It’s not just an experience that we should live it. It’s a missing part of our life that we need it to be there if we want our life to be complete and meaningful.

We can never know what it is about, it’s a continuing process of life, everyday there is something new even if we don’t see it then. Because when we live it, we take it for granted but when we lose, we think it’s for better…but it’s not! We only feel the importance of it to us, when we stop feeling it, when we have this huge void inside of us that seems unfillable no mater what we do. It’s stupid to think that we no longer need it anymore; we would be fooling ourselves, nobody else.

There is nothing better than to sleep at night knowing that somebody out there is thinking of you, somebody that you love, loves you back. Somebody that you care about is dreaming about you.

In my whole life, I was in love only once. I miss her!

I miss being in love, miss being loved, miss the sacredness of it, miss the fun and the fights in it. Miss the loud beats of the heart; miss the heat of the kiss, the warmth of the hug. I miss having a princess and being a prince myself.


Mirzade said...

Thank you

love could never be smthin you "GET OVER" ..
u'll be a prince again..


Yazan said...

It always starts Ihsan, It never ends, no matter how much u want it to... or u u think it did.

u never stopped being a prince, u just stopped realizing it.

Shannon said...

I wish I could offer you words of encouragement, but there are so many moments where I feel exactly the same...the memory of love no longer there, the fear that it will never return...it's all quite painful.

How does love happen? Where does it come from? How do I get there again? Can I? Will I? Where is he!?

Thanks, this post made me feel less alone, more human.

lasonadora said...

why did u write lika that???? i tried so hard to forget my ex who cheated on me... and now u make my life misrable again! :(

Soraya said...

I wonder why the first love always takes the big part of our lifes??
Why can’t it be forgettable?
Ahhhh your post is so touching puts me into a real nostalgic mood


Anonymous said...

Based on my experience, a person falls in love only once in a life time. Love is what you feel when you use 0% of your mind. Each time after that, you balance your mind with your heart more and more. The person you end up spending your life with, is the one you think of by using your heart and mind 50/50.

Hassoun you are a prince.. Maybe you haven't found your princess yet. I'm sure she's out there somewhere waiting anxiously for you.

I'm sure you have touched the life of every person you met, in one way or another ..My life would've never been the same if you weren't part of it. You made me what I am. I thank god everyday for having you in my life.